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SAT & ACT Testing Information (Updated 8-8-12)
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Excerpted from "SAT/ACT prep freebies" by Renee Euchner

About College Entrance Exams
It is normally recommended for students to take their college entrance tests at the end of their junior year.  The SAT Reasoning Test or ACT test is required by most 4 year colleges. The SAT Reasoning Test and ACT Test have slightly different formats:  

SAT Reasoning Test: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing

ACT:  Reading, English, Math and Science
ACT Plus Writing: Reading, English, Math, Science and Writing   
Which Colleges Require the ACT with Writing Option?

Comparison Chart:  PSAT / SAT Reasoning / ACT

Students may take either or/both the SAT and ACT Tests and may take them numerous times.
Colleges will use your most favorable score, whether from the SAT or ACT                   

New SAT/ACT Score Conversion Chart
Test Dates

SAT Testing 
2013 / 2014 SAT Test Dates:
October 5  (Oak Ridge)
November 2 (Oak Ridge)
December 7  (Oak Ridge)
January 25
March 8
May 3 (Oak Ridge)
June 7 (Oak Ridge)

SAT Subject Testing

ACT Testing 
2013 / 2014 ACT Test Dates:
September 21
October 26
December 14
February 8
April 12
June 14

Test Fees
SAT Reasoning Test:              $51.00
SAT Subject Tests:                  Varies
ACT:                                            $35.00
ACT Pus Writing:                      $50.50

Question and Answer Service (SAT Reasoning Test)
Check your answers and performance on the SAT Reasoning by ordering the Question and Answer Service when you register to take the test.  This service will provide a copy of the questions, answers and a computer generated report for each question. (
$18 additional fee - check to see if offered

Study Courses

ORHS SAT Study Course $75 (TBA)

Kaplan (800) 527-8378 -  (flyers in the Career Center) $499 (subject to change)

Schulman's Workshops LOCAL (530) 478-7737

Group, Hybrid, and Private Tutoring for SAT and ACT
Scholarships for students with financial need

Princeton Review (800) 273-8439
University of Southern CA (800) 761-3086
Sylvan Learning Center (916) 961-7223
Hunnington (916) 984-6161